How Can a Professional Employer Organization Help Establish Policy?

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Every year thousands of businesses struggle to keep their doors open. In fact, a recent poll shows us that over 5,000 businesses had to shut down in 2018 alone. So what are the major areas that cause a business to come to an end and are these problems avoidable? Well, one major pitfall has to do with the implementation and organization of HR. For many businesses taking on a professional employer organization is enough to do the trick.

Are you struggling to manage your employees’ benefits and payroll? If you’re interested in taking on a professional employer organization read on for more information.

What is a Professional Employer Organization 

Before we dive into the benefit of a professional employee organization, it’s important to know what this form of outsourcing truly entails.

While you may have worked with HR Outsourcing firms in the past, it’s important to understand that a professional employer organization functions in a slightly different manner. Through a professional employer organization, you will be bringing in an additional employer for your current employees. Your professional employer organization will work almost in the form of an additional manager.

While you’ll still be covering the daily tasks, a professional employee organization will handle extra areas. For example, they may do payroll, manage benefits, or working with HR.

Why Choose a Professional Employer Organization Over In-House HR

There are a number of reasons to go with this type of HR firm. One is that such organizations have the added manpower to take on a number of tasks in a swift and productive manner.

Professional employer organizations are also able to work with a number of different businesses. This is helpful if you yourself are managing several different brands that can under one professional employee organization to negotiate a better rate. This means you have the professionalism and talent to serve the needs of your businesses while saving money.

This also helps when it comes to hiring and training. A great deal of time is spent on searching for someone for an HR position and then training them. Which is why you’ll find that a professional employee organization firm simplifies this. All while remaining responsible for their own results.

Staying Within the Letter of the Law

Another benefit of using a PEO service is that all of the services are legally compliant. You’ll find that a professional employee organization team is certified in HR. They understand risk management as well as how to function without any legal damages.

Services are also supported by strong tax tables and a wide variety of compliance tools that can keep your business safe and secure.

Who Should Hire a Professional Employer Organization

Anyone can benefit from the use of this multi-purpose organization. However, they’re often utilized by businesses that are getting started. They are also great for those that don’t have the current budget to hire a full-time HR staff.

Rather than forgoing these important pieces of a business, a PEO allows you to check all of the boxes. This means the services grow while your business grows.

This makes them incredibly useful for startups that may not be ready to offer full benefits to employees. It’s also ideal for small businesses or any size business that wants to be entirely sure that their risk is reduced as much as possible.

What to Consider When Hiring a Professional Employer Organization 

Thinking of hiring your own professional employer organization? There are some important factors to consider ahead of time.

First, consider what this will cost you. Depending on the PEO, you’ll find rates as low as $40 per month typically ranging up to $125 per month per worker. This makes it easier to expand the services as your business does to grow along with your needs.

With some professional employer organizations, you may need to look into additional fees. These fees may include monthly service fees or worker compensation premiums.

These packages will always depend on which services are a priority for your business.  Remember, you can always reduce the rate of a personal employer organization by splitting it among businesses.

Getting Started

Getting started with this type of organization is relatively simple. However, you may have to start by submitting a business application. This application is used to gain knowledge of the current liability of your company.

You can expect the joining process to take somewhere in the window of a matter of days or up to two – three weeks for larger entities.

Professional employee organizations typically won’t just work with anyone. There are specific qualifiers that must be looked at before taking you on as a client.

Factors reviewed include your credit situation and history, previous worker’s compensation claims. How many employees may need benefits, and how compliance your business currently is will also be assessed.

The more transparent you can be with your application the better.

The Help You Need When You Need It

A PEO is a central tool for any startup looking to get its bearings while staying within compliance and budget. During those first few years of your business, it’s important to save where you can and put your focus where it’s most needed. 

Which is why we’re here to help you learn about the tasks that allow your business to thrive without running into any pitfalls. if you’re interested in learning more about providing benefits for your business contact us today. We’ll provide you with more information to see how we can be of assistance. 

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