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We provide in house payroll services & tax filing for our clients including processing employee payrolls, W2’s, calculating tax deductions for the employer and employee.

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• File your 941’s


We can help you receive related other services you may need. See our full list of other trusted partners. 

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Cover Pay – Cover One Product
Cover One is designed for single employee employers that need to show proof of a valid workers’ compensation insurance policy to be permitted to perform work at a work-site.


  • Request a quote
  • Coverage for all US
  • Florida coverage coming soon
  • Policy guidelines


We are a PEO brokerage firm specializing in Employee Leasing policies. We shop through dozens of PEO’s within our network to make sure you are placed with the top PEO for your industry while ensuring that you do NOT overpay for coverage.


Lower your workers compensation insurance cost. This program not only allows you to receive discounts by as much as 20%. Most importantly you can receive REFUNDS of up to 10% of the premium you pay EACH YEAR while you are in the program.


We work with other agencies and welcome sub broker agencies to our team. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is workers compensation?

Workers Comp insurance covers employees injured while working on the job. Workers comp provides a form of wage replacement and medical expense coverage for work related injuries or illnesses.  All polices also pay disability and death benefits in the event of partial or permanent disability or death. 

2. Who does workers comp insurance cover?

Workers Comp provides coverage for all full-time and part-time employees and may cover owners and officers depending on the application and the owner’s inclusion or exclusion on the policy.

3. Can business owners exclude themselves from workers comp coverage?

In most states, owners and officers can choose whether they want to be excluded or included in coverage. Some states require an additional form filed to either exclude owners or to include owners in coverage. In Florida, up to three officers of a construction company can be exempt from workers comp as long as they meet the requirements below.

Construction Industry Standard Items To Be Eligible To File An Exemption


  • The corporation must be registered and active with the Florida Division of Corporations
  • The applicant must be listed as an officer of the corp
  • The officer must have at least 10% ownership of the corp
  • No more than three officers of the corp or LLC may be exempt.
  • Ask one of our brokers if you want us to file the exemption on your behalf for a small fee
  • Applicant cannot be affiliated with an ACTIVE Stop Work Order

Limited Liability Companies (LLC)

  • The LLC must be registered and active with the Florida Division of Corporations
  • The applicant must attest to a minimum 10 percent ownership of the LLC.
  • No more than three officers of the LLC may be exempt
  • We can process the application on your behalf for a nominal fee
  • Applicant cannot be affiliated with an ACTIVE Stop Work Order


Workers compensation specialists

PEO Employee Leasing

Reduced Employee Liability

Zero to Low Deductibles

Program Integrates transparently into your business process

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Fast Worker's Comp Certificates and same day approvals

No Audits

Pay as you go option (no long term contracts)

Payroll & Tax Filing (ASO)

Specialists Versed in Business Strategies and Solutions

Best workers comp insurance cost and rates

Best worker’s comp insurance
cost and rates


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My policy was expiring and Kyle found us a great option the next day! Thank you NWCS



Eber Kernizan

I needed a National policy for my company as I have multiple locations around the USA, not only did National workmans comp solutions facilitate me with a national policy but they also found me the lowest rates around with the lowest Admin fees out of any other workers comp insurance company around, thanks to JP and Kyle for the awesome customer service



Luxuriously Lit Tours Miami LLC

I'm a Large Subcontractor and have been utilizing this company for a while and have had great results. The staff is very attentive and has always provided me with the best quotes on my Workmans Comp and on my payroll services. Overall the quality of service and expertise is excellent. Keep up the good work!!!



Ted Mesa


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